Work commences on the former NATS building at Bournemouth Airport (Asbestos & Scaffolding)

Following weeks of meticulous planning Shield commence a 24 week programme to remove asbestos from the former Air Traffic Control centre at Bournemouth Airport which is undergoing major refurbishment by Kier Group. The site, now recognised as Parkfield School will be home to Bournemouth’s first free school following its successful launch in 2013.

Shield Scaffolding and Asbestos have been working in synergy, engineering access platforms and floating floors in order to enable the operatives to keep to the tight program.


AIB cladding tiles all but cover the externals of the building requiring a multiphase scaffolding system to provide access for operatives and a structure for a full asbestos enclosure to enable the safe removal of the AIB.

A three-phase instillation of an internal floating floor will enable operatives to lift the flooring exposing the girders coated in sprayed asbestos insulation and AIB panels whilst acting as a superstructure designed to allow the asbestos teams to erect a bespoke enclosure. The scaffolding has been engineered to act as a superstructure for a full enclosure as well as acting as personnel protection.


A full compound inclusive of welfare facilities, site storage and a site office has been installed on site. Project managers will closely monitor each area of the site through a multi-cam CCTV surveillance system installed in a central location manned by a senior team member at all times.