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Back for its second year, the Shield Environmental Services Summer Party took place on 4th August; a day of fun and entertainment for all the (Shield) family. Last year was the first of its kind, with a variety of entertainers for the children, a free bar for the adults and an afternoon barbeque, with an evening buffet for everyone.

This year was bigger and better with some new entertainments, it started at 1pm, ended at 1am and the event was held once again at Bath Racecourse, which had enough room for a tethered hot air balloon – a new addition this year.

The hot air balloon was hired this year to be part of both the Shield Summer Party and the annual Bristol International Balloon Fiesta on their 40th anniversary. On Thursday 9th August, the Shield balloon was part of the Nightglow – where the balloons are lined up together and lit up by their burners to the music. Over the course of that weekend, the balloons floated across Bristol.

The organisers of the Shield Summer Party, Tracey and Margaret had their work cut out for them, Tracey says, “It was amazing to secure the hot air balloon, but this year we also added a raffle, a fire eater and a stilt walker to give us a show.” In addition to those events, we had a compère, fireworks, gymnastic display, face painting, a magic show, barn dancing and free ice cream all day, and the list goes on.

The weather, whilst being hot for what seems like months, threatened a wetter return the week prior to the Summer Party, however the day was hot and sunny and absolutely perfect for the event.

“We’re really pleased with how the day turned out, there were over 700 people at the event and we have received some fantastic feedback – lots of thank you emails. It was a chilled atmosphere, everyone was happy, and all of the entertainment turned up which is always a relief. It was beautiful weather and everyone had a brilliant day!” Tracey continues.

The afternoon raffle raised £1,207.56 for the Prader Willi Syndrome Association. Paul, Southampton Branch Manager, won four tickets to the next races at Bath Racecourse and Tiff, Southampton Office Manager, won a flight in the Shield hot air balloon. We also had a sweet hamper donated by ‘Sweets & Treats’, which was raffled and raised a further £41.00 – the lucky winner of the sweet hamper was Rob, our Operations Director.