Marine Insulation services offered by Shield Marine consist of all ships’ insulation and cladding systems, including all standards required by class, complete insulations for both clad and clothed exhausts, various coverings and insulations for pipe work (including SOLAS flange covers and jackets, chilled pipe insulation and installation of chilled fridge rooms).

Shield Marine’s insulation and cladding blankets /pads are designed for each client at our workshops, so that we are able to tailor for individual requirements; this is supported by Shield Marine’s vast material product range.

This service coincides with our SOLAS surveys, which identify the areas of a ship that are emitting high levels of heat, such as pipe work and exhausts.

All our insulation:

  • Increases ships’ safety
  • Significantly decreases the risk of fires
  • Reduces the ambient heat
  • Complies with marine regulations.