The IHM plays a vital role in maintaining the environmentally sound condition of hazardous materials on board a ship throughout its lifecycle.

Once these hazardous materials have been identified, the IHM can act as a management tool for the potential hazards in use and at recycling. Shield Marine offers this service at any stage of a ship’s lifecycle, together with re-inspection surveys when required.  Shield Marine is also a Lloyd’s Register-approved company for aspects of this work.

The IHM that we create will list specific hazards such as asbestos, ozone depleting substances, PCBs and heavy metals contained within the ship’s structure and equipment.

The IHM:

  • Improves environmental and pollution management
  • Improves health and safety awareness of the disposal and recycling operatives
  • Improves hazardous material control and management
  • Complies with ISO 14001 certification
  • Guides decommissioning and improves recycling awareness
  • Demonstrates a robust environmental strategy
  • Demonstrates the company’s social and environmental responsibility