We install insulation materials to high-temperature pipework, minimising health risks and enabling essential temperature management.

Condensate and Steam pipework operate at extremely high temperatures producing a number of health risks to operational personnel, and create difficulties in temperature management.

Shield’s team of qualified and experienced insulation engineers is able to install insulation materials, reducing the risk of burning or scalding from pipework, reducing the overall room temperature and creating a safer working environment.

Correct insulation of Condensate and Steam pipework achieves consistent temperatures and reduces energy consumption through unnecessary heat loss. Efficiency of steam-operated machinery will also increase, saving energy and money.

Insulation has the following benefits:Untitled-3

  • A reduction in the health risks of burning, scalding and working within high temperature environments
  • It enables accurate temperature control and reduces heat loss
  • It is suitable for new build, retrofit and maintenance works
  • It is available in glass fibre, rock fibre, foam glass
  • Cladding includes: stucco and plain aluminium, plastisol, isogenopak, isogenotek, polyisobutylene, ventureclad, stainless steel