Installing the correct insulation application enables clients to maintain their services at a constant temperature. Chilled service insulation  on pipework also helps to prevent condensation occurring that can have damaging effects on buildings and machinery.

Appropriate finishes can be applied to insulation coverings for protective or aesthetic purposes, such as weatherproofing, which is vital to extend the service life of external pipework.

These are the advantages of thermal (chilled service) insulation:

  • Accurate temperature control
  • Condensation prevention
  • Suitable for new build, retrofit and maintenance works
  • Core chilled service insulation materials insulations including glass fibre, rock fibre, nitrile rubber, phenolic foam and foam glass can be used
  • Insulation cladding including stucco and plain aluminium, plastisol, isogenopak, isogenotek, polyisobutylene, ventureclad or  stainless steel are available