Shield Fire & Security install fully integrated CCTV systems to help monitor and protect your employees, premises and assets both internally and externally with various capabilities such as infrared lighting, vandal proof cameras, speed domes to give a 360 degree field of surveillance.
Recording uses digital technology; digital systems, particularly digital video storage, has numerous advantages over analogue systems, in particular:

  • Never run out of tape and so never stop recording – we can supply upwards of ten terabytes of storage
  • Better image quality
  • Accessing recorded video is almost instant
  • Simultaneous recording, playback and archiving is possible

We can install covert temporary CCTV systems to assist at times when there is suspicion of theft or vandalism and it is unnecessary to inform staff or members of the public. These discreet systems can be camouflaged within fixed surroundings.

All in accordance with 1998 Data Protection Act.