As members of the Green Accord Scheme we are committed to minimising landfill waste.

Materials are sorted and segregated on site into their relevant waste streams – wood, plastic, metals and hardcore. By this careful selection we can offer savings to clients while also minimising waste to landfill – we set a target for reducing the waste sent to landfill for each project. The separated items are sent to specialist construction waste recycling facilities to be recycled and reused.

We are able to offer a crushing and construction waste recycling option on the majority of our projects. Concrete bricks, blocks and stone are sorted and segregated, and are then crushed to the client’s specification for their reuse on site.

The option to reuse suitable crushed materials offers a cost saving to clients while minimising the carbon footprint of a project, by reducing the vehicle movements to and from site.

The advantages of our demolition and construction waste recycling service include:

  • Reduction in waste generation providing a positive impact on the environment
  • Reduction of materials to landfill
  • Reduction of vehicle movements
  • A contribution to overall waste management

As part of the recycling process materials are evaluated for their credit value and taken for resale at a salvage yard. Dependent upon the amount of credits available, projects can be undertaken offering a cost-neutral solution to the client.


Items which can be recovered include:

  • Architectural salvage
  • Natural roof coverings
  • Natural wall and flooring stone
  • Timber
  • Steel
  • Non-ferrous metals

Demolition projects produce vast amounts of waste of differing degrees and substance. Reducing the environmental impact of our services is of paramount importance to Shield and our demolition services ensure that by-products are dealt with in line with current legislation.

We are able to classify and sort waste extensively on site, saving time and the requirement for additional labour. Once separated, items can be sent to specialist construction waste recycling facilities to be recycled and reused.