As a leading national environmental service provider, improving the environment is a fundamental part of our business.

We identify hazardous material and remove it if required (for example Asbestos Division). As a responsible contractor, any hazardous waste we generate is disposed of in a controlled manner via our Waste Transfer Station.

Where non-contaminated waste is generated, we will always endeavour to recycle this to help prevent landfill pollution along with greenhouse emissions. See our Demolition Recycling page to find out more.

Shield Environmental Services is Lloyd’s registered to undertake asbestos surveys in support of the “Inventory of Hazardous material” of vessels – an aid to support the environmentally-sound recycling of ships. (See IHM)

At Shield we recognise the environmental benefits of insulation through saving energy. The energy conserved translates to reductions in the amount of fossil fuel burned to generate energy, meaning a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. To find out more, see Thermal Insulation Division.

As an accredited ISO14001 company, we always work in compliance with environmental standards and also set environmental business objectives to reduce our carbon footprint. Environmental accreditations

It is a company objective to advance the protection of the environment and support sustainable development by integrating environmental performance considerations into the procurement decision-making process.Plant-Trees-(Environment-Website-Page)

Each branch has an appointed “Environmental Champion” responsible for undertaking energy audits of the branch, and acting as the branch representative for any environmental issues.  All members of staff are encouraged to discuss any ideas on energy saving and environmental issues with their local champion.

Shield is committed to buying or leasing vehicles that are fuel efficient and which will significantly reduce our carbon footprint. We monitor company vehicles via a tracking system – enabling us to ensure that no unnecessary journeys are made and that safe and efficient driving practices are used.

Shield Environmental Services operate a documented Quality Assurance System accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001. We have maintained accreditation to ISO 9001 for the past seven consecutive years, enabling our Quality Management System to be firmly embedded within our company. Internal audits of every section of our quality system are undertaken annually and inline with our Internal Management Audit Programme.

Read our Environmental and Quality Policy statement here.