Shield Environmental Services believes in formulating relationships based upon trust and openness, where we are able to create a flexible approach to client collaboration.

We strive for transparency on both sides so we can better understand your objectives, and work with you towards mutual goals. We believe in regular review meetings where we are able to monitor our performance against set targets.

Partnering is about understanding each other’s market, so that we can improve processes and technology together, and ensure that both companies maintain competitive and strategic advantages.

We are always looking at ways of making our partners and client’s life’s easier. This is why we have developed a client login area of the website that is dedicated to managing your files in a safe, secure and easy to access place and provides you with automated updates about your projects. For more information, take a look at our client login guide.Client Login Guide (Low Res)

Please contact us to find out how we can work together.

Shield Environmental Services Commitment Statement

“We are committed to providing our services to the highest standard continually and without compromise. We will deliver quality customer service through monitoring projects to ensure that they are executed efficiently, with pride and care by all our employees. We want to create a working partnership that is committed to continually improving our lines of communication which will lead to more proficient productivity, a partnership that is based on trust and openness which strives to improve the satisfaction of our clients, and generally enhances the commercial opportunities and reputation of both parties, to our mutual benefit”.

We have formulated many successful partnering agreements, and always maintain an open-structured approach with clients. We provide upfront costs, use a specific schedule of rates, and place great emphasis upon regular, two-way communication.


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