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Asbestos Awareness at University

Technical Director of Shield Environmental Services, Craig Dennis was invited to Falmouth University this week as a guest specialist speaker on asbestos awareness. Craig spoke to the Estates team as…

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Portsmouth University CPD presentation

Will and Olly from the BD team presented on Portsmouth University’s Continuing Professional Development programme to guests in Farnham yesterday. The presentation was part of a full schedule for Land,…

Prescription Tramadol Online
British Lung Foundation Patrons’ Event

Last week the British Lung Foundation held a Mesothelioma Patrons’ Breakfast event at their offices in London. Mesothelioma is the cause of 2,500 deaths per year, started by exposure to…

Cheapest Tramadol Next Day Delivery
Demolition works at the Madeira Hotel

Demolition works are nearing completion at the site of the Madeira Hotel in Falmouth. Following the asbestos survey and removal within the building, the Shield Demolition division took over works…

Tramadol Online Best Price
Welcome to the website, Shield Fire & Security!

We are happy to unveil the new section of the Shield Environmental website devoted to our newest division of Fire & Security. It details the services it offers from intruder…

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