St Austell Brewery, Beer Cooling Tanks
Chilled Services

In March 2013, St Austell Brewery entrusted Shield Insulation with the task of reinsulating one of its beer cooling tanks, located within the brewery’s production area.  A four-day timeframe was set for project completion.

The specific limitations of this project were the restricted time frame together with the health and safety implications of working around consumable products. The site remained operational throughout the project, which required constant site contact through our site supervisors.

The existing insulation and cladding from the beer cooling tank was removed and disposed of. The tank was then insulated using foiled mineral wool duct wrap, with a second layer of 50mm phenolic foam and secured in position using 19mm aluminium banding and 100mm foil tape.

Once insulated, the tank was clad using olive green Plastisol sheet metal, secured using self-drilling tek screws, with plastic caps to match the colour of the new cladding, creating a uniform appearance.

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