South Tyneside Council, School Projects
Asbestos Removal & Remediation, Strip Out & Enabling Works

Shield Environmental Services was appointed by South Tyneside Council to undertake asbestos removal works within the main school hall at Bedwell Early Years Excellence Centre in Hebburn. This was the first project that our Durham Branch carried out for the Council following achieving approved contractor status.

The work included the soft strip of the suspended timber floor and stud walls within the main school hall. Following the soft strip we then wrapped and cut out all lagged pipe work in the floor void and carried out a full environmental clean. Due to the condition of the concrete floor void it was encapsulated with a sand and cement render.

The project covering 270sqm of floor space, was completed within a three week time period, whilst the adjoining nursery remained in operation. Despite unforeseen circumstances arising during the project that were beyond our control causing delay to the works, we still completed the project work on schedule due to the commitment of our team. As a result of our dedication and our concerted efforts to help our client achieve their deadline, Shield are now one of South Tyneside Council’s preferred suppliers for larger works.

Since the completion of works at Bedwell Early Years Excellence Centre, Shield’s Durham Branch have completed further projects for South Tyneside Council including encapsulation of AIB and environmental cleaning of roof voids at Toner Avenue Junior and Infant Schools.

In August 2014 we also completed another project similar to Bedwell Early Years Excellence Centre at St Wilfred’s Roman Catholic College.

The work took place in two different school halls measuring 216sqm and 36sqm. When we started on site we found that there were flooding issues within the larger hall, asbestos contaminated water had built up in a gully over time due to the ingress o rain water. The rain water became contaminated with asbestos as the water had run past asbestos containing pipe lagging.

To resolve the issue we rendered one of the hall walls to make a waterproof dam and installed a 6 inch drainage pipe which ran the length of the hall, leading to a sump, allowing contaminated water to be filtered and drain away.

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