Debut, W Site RNAS Culdrose
Asbestos Removal & Remediation, Surveying

During 2009 Shield Asbestos Consultancy was instructed to carry out asbestos surveys within various buildings at RNAS Culdrose, including a refurbishment asbestos survey within the roof void.

Following the identification of extensive asbestos Shield provided a detailed proposal establishing the most cost-effective way to ensure the roof void was safe for maintenance workers to access.  A decision was made by the client to decontaminate the whole of the roof void.

The premises were partially occupied during the asbestos decontamination works, which meant that Shield Asbestos Removal had to overcome a number of additional risks. To add to the complexity of the project, several copper pipes split before the work started, causing flooding within the building.

Following the decontamination works we reinsulated pipework within the roof void using mineral wool sectional pipe lagging with a foil finished covering. Fibreglass loft insulation was also laid and water tanks were insulated using mineral wool slabs with a foil finish.