RAF Lyneham – Tranch 1
Surveying, Asbestos Removal, Demolition and Recycling

In 2002 the MOD decided that RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire was to be closed and redeveloped, as part of the strategic review of the UK’s military bases. The MOD decided that the site would become a Defence College of Technical Training where personnel from each of the 3 armed forces would receive training.

Shield was awarded the asbestos removal and demolition package on the first stage of the RAF Lyneham project designated “Tranch 1”. Shield Asbestos Consultancy was also involved with the project managing the asbestos surveying requirements, including undertaking asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys to selected buildings whilst overseeing other survey work on site.

Shield Asbestos Consultancy carried out in excess of 70 asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys during the project, with a total of 1488 samples taken to assess if the materials were asbestos containing. On completion, the fabric of the buildings had to be made good to ensure safe reoccupation.

There were stringent procedures and full security clearance was required to access the site. This project required us to work to tight deadlines and get onto site on short notice. Due to the age of the buildings there was the potential of all types of ACM being identified.

In advance of the asbestos works and demolition Shield were instructed to carry out all of the site preparation works, we were responsible for all of the site security, heras fencing, alarms and access systems to keep the site safe to operate and prevent unauthorised access.

Asbestos containing materials removed included: pipe insulation, insulating board ceiling and wall panels and dust and debris requiring full environmental cleans. The asbestos removal and demolition took place on a range of different types of military building including accommodation blocks, gyms, stores, offices etc. There was in excess of 15,000kg of various types of asbestos wastes removed from site as part of this project.

Our project programme was due to complete on the 20th December 2013 and although we took on an additional 5 buildings we still completed the works on the 11th December which was 9 days early. We also received 94% compliance from a DIO Health and Safety Inspector, which is the highest ever score awarded.

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