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Safety First, is a set of key principle’s which encourages our employees to actively create a positive culture within the business and extend to those who may be affected by our actions.

Safety First principles our;

All employees working for Shield, must be committed to the Safety First culture and actively promote this to others, ensuring we have a positive attitude towards health and safety and encouraging behavioural safety on all our sites.

To actively promote the right culture within our business, we have adopted the 4c’s approach;


Good communication is vital in all areas of our business, with health and safety being paramount. SES employees must be aware of their obligations and procedures for themselves and others, who may be affected by their actions.

Clear lines of communication must be established on all projects, ensuring we identify the following prior to commencement of any works;

  • The potential risks to their health and safety
  • Preventive and protective measures for those risks
  • Emergency procedures
  • Those who have a role within the health and safety management system.

At Shield we will actively promote communication within our company and other trades working on our sites, communication methods include;

  • Induction training
  • Formal training
  • Signs
  • Notices and posters
  • Face to face communication
  • Memos, emails and handouts


It is paramount we take the right precautions to reduce the risk of workplace dangers and provide a safe working environment.

Managing health and safety is an integral part of our business; we understand the risks associated with our works and within the workplace. We ensure the appropriate plans of work and risk assessments are compiled and the correct measures put in place to control them and make sure they stay controlled.

Workplaces must provide a safe and healthy environment for all our employees, and all their welfare needs accounted for.

Our employees will be provided with the right information, training and competence to carry out their duties.

  • Information to be provided that is easy to understand, so employees are aware of the hazards and risks they face, we measure and control the risks, and provide emergency procedures for all our sites.
  • Clear instructions so everyone working for us knows what they are expected to do
  • Adequate health and safety training that is relevant and effective.
  • Appropriate level of supervision, with clear easy to understand reporting lines


At Shield we recognise the significant benefits of implementing and maintaining a culture of consultation and co-operation within the workplace.

We understand the success of our business involves consultation and co-operation with all parties involved, including directors and managers, employees and employee representatives.
We will ensure employees are regularly consulted in matters such as the following;

  • Health and safety and welfare matters
  • Working arrangements, hours of work
  • Improving workplace productivity and processes
  • Change in work practices
  • Changes in the management structure

We communicate our business needs and priorities, via various mechanisms, such as;

  • Team meetings
  • Newsletters
  • Memos and emails
  • Social media and internet
  • Health and safety representative meetings

Effective cooperation between all parties will lead to less misunderstanding and will enhance efficiency, productivity and lead to a highly motivated team of employees who are dedicated and efficient to serve our clients.


Competence at work forms an important part of strengthening professional skills. At SES we actively encourage continuous development of all our employees, we believe it promotes;

  • Well-being at work
  • Improves Job satisfaction
  • Confidence

At SES we understand the importance of investing in training to enable our workforce to have the required skills and knowledge to undertake their work professionally at all times.

We have a clear understanding of our expectations regarding employee’s performance; behaviours are valued, recognised and rewarded.

Monitoring the competency of our workforce is paramount to the success of the business; this is carried out in various forms, such as;

  • Audits by the group compliance team
  • Appraisals
  • External auditing by a third party

By all employees adopting the Safety First standard, this will promote a positive culture throughout the business, providing confidence and positively reinforcing safe behaviours.